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Case of 12: GROW Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer | 1.69 oz (50 ml)

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    GROW is a sustainably sourced liquid seaweed fertilizer for healthier houseplants.

    • Highly concentrated- Makes up to 26.4 gallons (100 L) of fertilizer

    • Contains 65+ vitamins and nutrients your plants need to Thrive

    • Promotes healthy vigorous growth

    • Helps plants become resistant to environmental stress & insect attacks


    Shake well. Store in a cool place.
    In Spring & Summer use up to 3-4 times per month. Mix 1 ml per 1 L (1 qt) of water.  
    In Fall & Winter use up 1-2 times per month. Mix 1 ml per 1 L (1 qt).
    Water & mist regularly.
    For cacti and succulent reduce by half.

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    Recent Reviews

    I received this about a month ago now and have been using it on all my house plants. I have 2 string of hearts that had come in the mail and they were pretty mangled looking. I have used this on them every other watering and they have exploded with new growth! They've grown 6 inches in a month and the hearts are HUGE! All my other plants are growing like crazy as well! I also put this in my misters. Will continue to buy and will try the bloom next! The updated photo was also taken like a week ago, they have more growth now! Love this stuff!


    Wanted to wait a few weeks to report on its effects. This stuff is good! All the houseplants are loving it and showing extra growth! Will be back for more in the future. Thanks much!


    Works great on cannabis plants and potted flowers!


    AMAZING. I am terrible with plants and this one was starting to die, I started using the Grow a few months ago and you can see my plant starting to come back to life! I use it on all my plants!