Sustainably Sourced

Made from ingredients with the earth in mind.

Chemical Free

100% Organic with no additives or preservatives.

Made for All Plants

Compatible with all houseplants, hydroponics, outdoor plants & vegetables.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Our fertilizers are highly concentrated. One bottle of GROW makes up to 26.4 gallons (100 L) of fertilizer!


LOVE IT! My plants even after a week look SO much healthier. Even the one I was sure I had killed! Love that its organic, and sustainable, and even better, so easy to use. (I say this as someone who does not have a green thumb!) Highly recommend.


There is a visible difference in my plants after using just one treatment! My plants look super happy and healthy. Will definitely be ordering again in the future!


This product is so awesome. A lot of my plants were leggy and not growing well. I used grow twice a week mixed in with my water and my plants look beautiful and are flourishing beautifully now!



How often should I feed my plants?

Use GROW up to 3-4 times per month (spring & summer), and 1-2 times per month (fall & winter) with regular watering and misting.

Use BLOOM up to 1-2 times per month (spring & summer) with regular watering at misting.

Can I Use Grow and Bloom together?

Absolutely. Both fertilzers can be used together on the same plant.

Can I use this on Seedlings or Starters?

Yes! For seedlings and starters we recommends using our fertilizers at 1/2 strength.

Can I use on Plants Grown in water?

For plants that grow in water, use our fertilizers at 1/4 strength. GROW: 0.25 ml/1 L(1 qt) of water. BLOOM: 1 ml per 1 L (1 qt) of water.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do. If you are a retailer please visit our Wholesale Page to learn more about our wholesale offerings.